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German renewables sector calls for carbon tax

Last week, the EU announced new plans for its Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS). Climate experts point out that the changes still fall short of the Paris Agreement. German renewables association BEE has therefore proposed a carbon tax, but critics of the plan say it would only weaken the ETS further. Craig Morris takes an in-depth look.

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Understanding Hinkley Point

The decision to go ahead with Hinkley shows that any technology with a long timeframe is a juggernaut in an energy world of foreshortening planning horizons. But other questions remain open: can an EPR be built at all? Why is new nuclear cheaper outside the UK? And isn’t Hinkley at least a good low-carbon complement to wind and solar? Craig Morris takes a look.

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Coal jobs down, but renewable jobs also flat in Germany

Today, Craig Morris covers the last major new chart in the update of our e-book for 2016. It shows that the worst is over in terms of job losses for coal power—and that there are already far more jobs related to renewables. What it doesn’t show is that Germany will fail to reach its 2020 target for green jobs by a wide margin.

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