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Swiss Energy Transition without Europe

The bilateral relations between Switzerland and the EU have been clouded after the successful immigration referendum. That’s negatively impacting the negotiations about an energy agreement which should enable Switzerland to participate in the European internal energy market. Alexander Steinfeldt explains.

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Did French officials downplay nuclear incident? Is French media now?

Last week, German media reported that the shutdown of a reactor in Fessenheim, France, should have been classified at a level of greater danger. While the German media focus on the event itself, French media have turned the issue into a “he said, she said” dispute. The coverage reveals the tradition of transparency in Germany – and the lack thereof in France. By Craig Morris.

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Is the German nuclear phase-out fundamentally botched?

A recent editorial at Reuters charged that German nuclear policy is uncoordinated, particularly because the cost of nuclear waste disposal is still unclear. In reality, Merkel’s 2011 phase-out was a return to a former plan only briefly abandoned. And Germany’s phase-out budget looks pretty good internationally. Craig Morris explains.

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